Sponsored by: Teneros, Inc. has redefined mission-critical, infrastructure application continuity by delivering the Teneros Application Continuity Appliances™ for high availability and disaster recovery of Microsoft® Exchange.  The Teneros appliances protect the Exchange server in the event of planned or unplanned, server or site outages, assuring 24X7 end-user application continuity and email data access.  Targeted at the mid-market and field offices of the Enterprise, Teneros appliances are the only 99.999% application and data continuity solutions offering: instant-on™ failover/failback; plug-and-go™ installation; IT-free remote monitoring and maintenance; data corruption prevention, and non-intrusiveness to the existing Exchange infrastructure.  Teneros assures continuity for your business critical communications.
Raffle At End of Meeting: $100 American Express Gift Card (provided by Teneros)
Topic: Teneros Hardware Appliance for Exchange Clustering Demo (live failover demonstration with Exchange setup)
Speaker: Curtis Reynolds, Teneros Senior Systems Engineer