November Meeting Presentation:
NYExUG_2008.11.11_REEF Solutions_Ben Serebin_Highlights of low cost/free applications/tools to improve Exchange/Outlook.pdf

Video of November Meeting (main meeting & wrap-up portion)

(Thank you to Tim Tong for working to make this video possible.)

Topic: Highlights of low cost/free applications/tools to improve your Exchange/Outlook functionality (e.g. low cost Outlook add-on that automatically knows where to file emails into a folder – no need Favorite Folders needed, free application that is an Exchange Server dashboard to monitor mail queues, disk space, cpu & memory utilization).

Highlighting the following applications
– SolarWinds Exchange Monitor, dashboard health monitor [Exchange]
– Lookout, search tool [Outlook]
– SimplyFile, automated filing tool [Outlook]

This is more end user to end user generated. While I [Ben Serebin] is aware of many solutions, I want your input. Please email your suggestions for a little known application/tool to be presented at the meeting to (this email address is designed to work until 11/30/08). Or attend the meeting and we will discuss.

Register Now (open to the public & free / click to attend RSVP – by Mon November 10th at 3pm EST)

Doors Open 6pm (food arrives)
Meeting is from 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Microsoft Corporation
1290 Avenue of the Americas, FL 6
6th Ave bet 51st & 52nd St.
New York, NY 10104