Topic: Comparing Exchange Server 2010 Search Functionality with Exchange 2003 & 2007. This isn’t your grandfather’s search. Learn how this version’s search is light years ahead of Exchange 2003 and superior to 2007. Speaker Bio: Ben Serebin of REEF Solutions has been involved in IT for almost 15 years. He is the president and owner of REEF Solutions, a network & wireless consulting firm that brings reliable, effective, efficient, and forward thinking technology solutions to startups, financial firms, and educational organizations. His firm specializes in Exchange Server deployments and evolving startups into larger well established companies by maximizing their use of technology with excellent return on investment. He recently joined the board of a social networking startup, (an online tool for self-promoting and connecting artists). 8 years ago, he was elected and continues to serve on the board of trustees and is treasurer of, a non-profit that is very active in the wireless hotspot space. With the little free time left, he founded in 2005, and continues to run, the first and only NY area Microsoft Exchange User Group ( Sleep is not part of his bio. Doors Open 6pm, food arrives, presentation starts from 6:30 PM – 9 PM Event Registration URL: HERE – open to the public & free / click to attend RSVP – by Mon before the meeting at 4pm EST Location – you must register to gain access to the building. Microsoft Corporation 1290 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Avenue, between 51st & 52nd Street, NYC