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Microsoft Unified Communications (Microsoft’s VoIP and more solution) technical deployment presentation by Stephen Chirico, Sr. Tech. Solutions Professional.

Please use Click To Attend and register by 2pm EST on Monday 4/7.

Speaker BIO

Stephen is a NY based technologist covering Unified Communications.  Stephen joined Microsoft from PlaceWare web conferencing, now Live Meeting, and was one of the first people in the Real Time Collaboration Group that later became Unified Communications at Microsoft.  Stephen also has a background in software development, having spent 10 years at Borland International, as well as a background in Document Management and Knowledge Management.  Stephen holds a BS in Computer Science from Manhattan College as well as some post graduate work at KGSM in Chicago.

Post in April Meeting Notes
Wow. That’s how I would sum up our last meeting and “Star Trek” visits NYExUG. Also the concept of a “Communicator Call” is definitely forward thinking, see the highlights below for explanations.
We had a great meeting this past Tuesday on Unified Communications from Stephen Chirico (Microsoft). It really helped in determining what was required for deployment of Microsoft’s UC technology. I’ve listed some highlights from the slides. Stephen did 2 presentations in one (UC Vision & OCS Architecture). So, you’ll see 2 PDFs posted online in addition to the sponsor’s (Azaleos) presentation. I would recommend you review both in detail if you’re interested in UC.
Access Edge Proxy – DMZ based server that proxies all traffic. No AD or authentication done on this box unlike an Exchange Edge Server that uses ADAM or a Windows RODC.

PBX Integration Options – 1) PBX supports mediation server w/o gateway (new PBX), 2) use of an Advanced Media Gateway w/existing PBX, or 3) use of an OCS mediation server w/Basic Media Gateway w/existing PBX. Slide 16 explains this. In essence, the Advanced Media Gateway eliminates the needs for a Windows OCS Mediation Server while the other 2 options require that.

Identity and Presence – available, on call, in meeting, etc. Your status available in Office, SharePoint, Live Communicator, etc.

Communicator Call – call’s an identity (not a method/location such as mobile, work, home, IM, email, etc).

MOS = Mean Opinion Scores (what a user thinks of the voice quality).

Star Trek and Microsoft’s UC – We saw the Star Trekish Round Table in action. It’s a 360 degree audio/video conferencing system that mere mortals can afford as opposed to other 360 degree audio/video solutions out there. See Slide 23 for what attendees saw demo-ed. Speaker is shown on video based on triangulation of voice. Very cool.

URLs to assist users with deploying Unified Communications.

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