Topic: Tips & Best Practices for Exchange 2010/2013.

Meeting Highlights and more to come…
– DAG Servers still require manual Maintenance Mode
– prevent public Exch Admin Console access
– Distro management by multiple users via Outlook
– How to enable the faster better Outlook HTTPS protocol of MAPI
– How to automatically purge IIS logs older than x days
– Running low on space, can I safely delete transaction logs?
– What is needed to run Exchange on Azure in supported config?

Speaker: Ben Serebin

Speaker Bio: Ben Serebin, President & Founder of the NY Exchange User Group (NYExUG). Ben has been involved in IT for almost 20 years. He is the president and owner of REEF Solutions, a firm founded 16 years ago. Productivity and data privacy are core to his beliefs. He is passionate in a number of non-profits/community organizations such as:,, Pleasantville Friends of STEM, Foodchester, EFF, and the Consumer Reports Food Safety Center.
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Location – you must register to gain access to the building. Microsoft Corporation 11 Times Square, 6th Avenue, across from Port Authority, NY, NY 10018